‘Truth’ scrapbook

Grainger Museum

In 1930, Dorothy Mattingley gained her music degree after five years of study at the Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne. During her student years, she studied piano with Edward Goll, and learnt cello as her second instrument. Dorothy joined the University Symphony Orchestra, under Bernard Heinze, in her second year of study. She was also a member of the Conservatorium tennis team. Dorothy compiled this scrapbook of material relating to both her own career and the wider Melbourne musical community, spanning a long period of musical activity from the 1920s to the 1950s. The scrapbook is a unique and valuable part of the University of Melbourne’s Cultural Collections. This group of images is an extended selection from the 131 pages of the volume, with many additional documents pasted in. The scrapbook is held in the Grainger Museum Collection, University of Melbourne, gifted to the Museum by David Rutherford in 1996. The scrapbook is on display in the current exhibition Multivocal, at the Old Quad.

Female students at their graduation ceremony, University of Melbourne, April 25, 1931. Dorothy E. Mattingley, 5th from the left, is holding her Bachelor of Music degree and wearing the fur-lined hood that distinguished the graduation gowns for music graduates.