Euthanasia Coaster

Science Gallery Melbourne

Euthanasia Coaster is exhibiting now at Science Gallery Melbourne as part of SWARM.

It’s the end of your life – do you buy a ticket for this death coaster? 

Step right up for an end-of-life journey that can only be described as breathtaking. Literally. Featuring a 500-metre drop and 7 loop-de-loops, participants experience thrill, euphoria, loss of consciousness and eventually death. Engineered to humanely take the life of a person due to lack of oxygen to the brain – widely considered the most pleasant way to die. 

The discourse around our rights to nominate how and when we die is complex and spicy. Recently in Australia there’s been a shift in conversation around Voluntary Assisted Dying, with legislation being passed in most states. People suffering from terminal conditions want control over how they die. Would you want your last experience to be one final, thrilling ride? 

How can we open up a conversation around death and end-of-life decisions?