BAUHAUS NOW! – The Lantern Parade

Buxton Contemporary

The Lantern Parade

Presented as part of Bauhaus Now! an exhibition curated by Ann Stephen
Buxton Contemporary, 26 July – 20 October 2019

There was a kite festival, when we marched in procession through Weimar to the top of the hill, with hundreds of school children. There were lantern festivals when lanterns made in the workshops were carried through the streets at night. There were dances nearly every Saturday, when we wore fantastic masks and costumes prepared by the theatre group.

Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack

A mid-winter lantern parade led by art students through the centre of Melbourne, has been described by Mikala Dwyer as ‘our attempt at reanimating the memory ghost of the actual dynamic of education’. The lanterns were made during a week-long workshop that began each day with Johannes Itten’s Mazdaznan exercises. It brought together students and artists from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, RMIT University and the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

Lantern Parade participants:

Carolina Arsenii, Tim Bass, Honore Blaze Hudson, Htoo Paw Nay Blute, Natalie Cowan, Sarah crowEST, Meg Dawn, Tara Denny, Mikala Dwyer, Felicity Eustance, Fiz Eustance, Gina Gascoigne, Julian Goddard, Ceri Hann, Clint Ho, Natalie Houston, Victoria Jost, Anthea Kemp, Robin Kingston, Renee Kire, Claire Lambe, Nathan Larkin, Annelise Lindeberg, Jacqueline Matisse, Janno Mclaughlin, Elnaz Nourizadeh, Kate O’Boyle, Tricia Page, Lucy Parkinson, Robyn Phelan, Shanon Reidy, Mark Shorter, Elina Simbolon, E. Scarlett Snowden, Lauren Snowden, Ann Stephen, Fleur Summers, Kate Thomson, Siwat Visuthirungsiri, Justene Williams, Jude Worters 

The Lantern Parade was commissioned by Buxton Contemporary and filmed and edited by The Huxleys