Animating the Collection

Ian Potter Museum of Art

VCA Animation students brought the latest Ian Potter Museum of Art exhibition 21×10 to life with a series of animated responses. Watch their videos below.

Using Julie Rrap’s ‘Transpositions II’ from our exhibition 21×10 as a starting point, VCA Animation student Shirin Shakhesi created an immersive installation that drew upon the themes of feminism and art history that underpin Rrap’s original piece.

In response to Ramesh Nithiyendran’s work ‘Untitled figure 12’, VCA Animation Student Quinn Franks created a digital sculpture that the audience could interactive with using a mouse. Using a 3D scan of the sculpture and photography, Quinn wanted to use the playful spirit of the original work to invite audience to create a personal connection with the piece.

The program Touch Designer was a key tool for Patrick Salmon’s response to Noriko Nakamura’s ‘Moon Totem’. Inspired by the sculptural form of the original, the inherent life and variety of the limestone have clearly transferred into Patrick’s interactive work.